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Orgasm the Full Body Workout

        Recently, I had a discussion with a lady in the fitness industry who told me that human sexuality, sexual behavior and me promoting sex toys for women was in no way related to women’s overall health and or fitness.    Being a 40 year old woman, sexually experienced at 40, has lived a life with body image issues and being so fine-tuned with her body, (as most my age are) who can tell any given month which ovary the egg is dropping from I do know otherwise. 
      Before getting to the Big O let me address a point; like weight loss the Sex Toy industry is a "billion" dollar industry geared primarily towards women.   Dildo’s, vibrators, body massagers from all price ranges, sizes, shapes, etc…all geared to help induce ORGASM The Big "O" which is not a dirty, sinful, thing. Orgasm is an amazing phenomena of the human body that engages numerous muscles at once, glands, thousands of nerves and the brain (see bottom extras for more on that).  In fact when a female has an ORGASM do you know what happens, besides that amazing wave of sensations?  Her vaginal muscles CONTRACT powerful squeeze & release sensations that come in waves, rolls, wait…rewind…muscles contract…hmmmm not related to our overall fitness? Why ladies do we believe this? Could it because we can’t see results in the mirror or on the scale? Something to think about here. What are we being told on a whole in regards to our bodies these days?
     When a woman is not on her period and is ovulating these contractions naturally work in a strong “suck in and squeezing” motion that can rival any bicep flex or vice at a hardware store for that matter. Experts speculate this vacuum effect as Mother Natures “Plan A” helping to ensure semen is “pulled up and in" so her eggs become fertilized for procreation of the human race hmmm again nothing to do with overall wellness..creating life..nahhh. 
     Ok…well here’s another ladies, fascinating more so,  in majority of cases during  mensuration if that same woman were to orgasm these muscle contractions work in the “REVERSE” direction pushing out and releasing as nature’s way of “cleansing”. Is your head spinning yet? Mine is. Our body does all this. Mother Nature....as Miss Chante would say, "you better wurrrrk".
     Furthermore, those kegels we hear so much about, from popular magazines whose headlines rave every month “For Greater Sex do These Subtle Lil Exercises….Enhance His Pleasure Own Your Love Muscle….” Most of us have heard the news 1000x over do your kegels to strengthen your PC muscles.  What exactly are the PC muscles and what does this really mean?  
     Oh wait muscles, again with the muscles, how is the possible no shredded lines to show my progress, no inches reduced, or mass gained. Heaven forbid I can’t see results therefore it's "physical condition", "fitness of" must not exists.  
     Ohhh but they do and they do so much more then those cute little headlines tell us. PC muscles are a group of muscles that attach the pubic bone to the tailbone at the end of the spine which SUPPORT your vagina, urethra, bladder, & rectum.   Kegel exercises tighten  ensuring that the vagina, bladder urethra and rectum don’t SAGGGG ladies S.A.G should no way be put in the same sentence vagina.  Let that one resonate for a moment ladies…and start thinking about all those miles on the treadmill, all the plyometrics, the weights you use to strengthen your muscles, you know the ones that you can look in the mirror and SEE the results; resistance bands all the lil “gadets” and equipment we use daily at the gym….NOW see the correlation? 
    In my screaming HELLO voice #1 G-R-A-V-I-T-Y…#2 Sex toys are TOOLS used to enhance ones sex life, build intimacy in relationships and lastly to PROMOTE ORGASM…which my lovely’s, has everything to do with your OVERALL physical well being, vaginal health is PART of your health, SEXUAL wellness is PART of your health, your body image effects your SEXUAL health and relationships which is part of your OVERALL health and wellness. 
     When told that I am taking away from the physical fitness element by bringing sexual education and wellness to the table nothing can be farther from the truth. I am educating and promoting overall women’s health. Gyms, diet centers, uniformed fitness enthusiasts, and media has programmed us to focus only on what the eye can see.
    I see Sara is 120 pounds she is 5’7 exercises daily is 23, fit, toned, models, but has never had one real orgasm in her life, has yet to ever explore her own body & the thought alone arises guilt and shame.  She is a stranger living within herself. I see Sara at 27 she has a child, goes back to her fitness regime but is perplexed that when she jumps she’s got leakage, in fact she can’t sneeze without being fearful of a wet spot.  Sex with her husband worries her since things haven't felt as "snug" down there and sensation is just different then before.  She still has not taken the time to "learn" her body, what feels good to her so she is unable to communicate her needs and desires with him.  
     But hey, she’s till only 27, still 5’7, she is activate and looks better then she did pre pregnancy because she works out 2x a day, has a trainer, eats clean, watches her micor & marco nutrients, she is on point in area areas of her physical fitness……or is she???
Extra How Orgasms Work
Sexual excitement in the brain stimulates increased blood flow to the genitals, engorging the penis in men and enlarging and lubricating the clitoris and labia inwomen. Pulses quicken, and the elevated heartbeats are heard in more intensive inhalations. Central nervous systems fully engage, directing messages of escalating enjoyment along the pelvic, pudendal and hypogastric nerve endings in the genital regions back to the brain's reward system and vice versa during plateau [source: Nuzzo]. This full-body workout then crests with a series of pelvic, cervical and anal muscle contractions in 0.8-second increments that correspond with orgasmic sensations and ejaculation [source: Elliott]. Deep relaxation and resolution typically follow as muscles relax and heart rates slow to a resting pace.

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