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October 2013

Change Your Perception on Your Path to Weight loss

Like most "average" women I have been  right there, with y'all Yo Yo dieting away LOL.  I'd loose weight...gain weight, but my quest was always to loose the weight to look FLYYYYYYY & to basically "get in shape". 
      First of all, I have to say certain word combinations in the English language shouldn't even be put together &  sometimes can backfire on our butts such as; "LOOSE" weight, "QUIT" smoking.  Odd when you think about it, words associated to achieve a  positive result yet have negative meanings in our society.  When was the last time you felt good about being a quitter or were stoked about loosing something?  The word "weight" alone can set me into a frenzy and losing something that had become a part of my character for so long well, lets face it psychologically puts a tad of a "negative" spin to losing it, its scary.  You may wonder everyday, can I do this?  What will I look like? Although funny now thinking about it my the biggest issue was where the heck would the fat go? Although I KNOW the whole process, I STILL couldn't wrap my head around 75pds, 50pds etc...I was sabotaging myself into failure. Giving the weight power over me psychologically.  Losing the weight for me seemed TO BIG, take too much time & way to far away for me.
      Then one day I finished a 1 mile run in boot camp class without falling down gasping for dear life and air LOL.  I had completed a mile run without stopping...it was PARTY TIME!!!! I was soooo happy, I called EVERYONE I knew I did the mile in 14 min, not even in junior high could I do that!  Then I told myself, I wanted to do the mile in 10 min so I worked my butt off.  I went to they gym after boot camp not to try to lose more weight but to build POWER in my legs to run faster. A couple of boot camp sessions later to my surprise I was at 9:10. The same applied for push-ups, sit-ups, I was in competition WITH MYSELF & I was having fun & felt GREAT, PROUD!!!!! Next thing I knew, the weight was coming off but that didn't even phase me, all I wanted and still want to do is get stronger & challenge myself.
      What I am saying is this; whether you have 10 pounds to go or 100 pounds don't focus on the number.  Focus on "what else is good", such as; "My legs are strong, I bet I can do 50 squats 3 times & jog 1/2 mile without stopping, then challenge yourself the same challenge a few days later adding a set or time. Work to change your perception on what you are trying to accomplish have fun with it!