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August 2013

Pole Dance going Mainstream with Rules & Guidlines Article Link from Wall Street Journal

What do you all think? Me, I would like to see Pole Fitness get the credit it truly deserves mainstream. After all my child poles and she is 11. There are many different spectrum's to Pole Dance. Some complain it will take the "sexy out", to me its the "same difference" between natural pageants verses glitz. Rules change per competition the BIGGY's such as Miss America as well as Miss Universe are the eventual goal for some, so those competitors get as much competing in as possible to eventually "get there". The competitors learn what is and is not acceptable at each competition as there are many. I believe everything/everyone needs to have/know boundaries, guidelines so that we clearly know what is expected of us to achieve what it is we are trying to achieve. For those that want to keep the sexy "anything goes"..then compete in the clubs for those that are striving to make this an Olympic Sport then set your "rules and artistic standard" to gain nationwide recognition. For the ladies that enter my studio each have different set of goals, some are looking to step up their sexy so we have classes catered for them. We have other students looking to progress their skills to a different level as well. As an owner I see both sides to this, as a 40 year old wife, mother, not looking to be "the next big thing" I enjoy the sexy aspect, I enjoy helping women get back in tune with their inner sensuality because fitness is not just about hitting the gym for a woman to get there it means so much more. It starts in her brain and how she feels about herself. Then connecting her mind, body and spirit to help her achieve her goals. Great article.http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887323971204578630070114556206.html?mod=ITP_AHED