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November 2012

Biosignature Modulation (Hormones & Fat Loss)

Biosignature Modulation
By Cassandra Wycko
To learn more about Poliquin or to look for a Poliquin Certified trainer in your area you can go to www.charlespoliquin.com
        Biosignature Modulation is the correlation between specific hormones, how they affect weight loss & where fat is stored on the body based on scientific evidence. Biosignature Modulation was discovered by Charles Poliquin a world renowned strength coach & founder of The Poliquin Strength Institute, in Rhode Island. Charles Poliquin has over 30 years of experience in the health/fitness industry training & designing programs for Olympic Medalist to professional athletes. He has written numerous articles as well as published books based on his expertise. During his years working with athletes he began to find similarities in the body as to where people store their fat & it’s relation to their hormonal profile. Based on testing, he also found the reasons why so many people have problematic fat stores due to hormonal imbalances within their body.
       There are 12 “overall” body fat sites in terms of Biosignature Modulation on the body that are to be tested with a quality caliper and by a “trained” professional. These sites are; the cheek, chin, pectoral, triceps, umbilical, supra iliac, sub scapular, mid auxiliary, quadriceps, hamstrings, knee & calf. Each site is directly linked to a specific hormone/hormonal site if one of the 12 is out of sorts, you can trace it back to the adrenal gland & the hormone that needs to be balanced in order to achieve or heal obtaining the results you want or need. Charles Poliquin states that it has been found that 80% of disease known to man is fixable by treating the adrenals & pancreas. This can be done by proper diet, exercise & supplements.
      One would think diet would be the easiest feat for a person to begin to balance, yet for most it can be the most difficult. Why, because food is everywhere & certain foods are addictive. Most of the foods we have been eating our bodies were never initially made to process, such as my personal fave pizza. In turn eating a slice of pizza for our body to process & break it down contributes to added stress on our pancreas. Added stress on the pancreas can cause inflammation thru out the body & insulin resistance which later can lead to Diabetes. Our brain may know what we are putting in our mouths but our body starts doing all sorts of “crazy” when pizza enters the scene. Over time this can lead to many different disease& ailments.
      In order to get rid of unwanted fat aside from adequate exercise we have to eliminate these foods from out diet, pretty much going back to the basics, to what some call a “Caveman type of diet” or the “Paleolithic diet”. Charles Poliquin’s dietary protocol is pretty basic, “if it does not fly, swim, or run and if it’s not green, don’t eat it!” He suggests starting off the day with a meat & nut breakfast which will keep blood sugar levels stable thru out the day, eat 6-7 small meals thru out the day making sure to include “good fats” to help control glycemia.
     For optimum fat loss the first 14 days keep fibrous carbohydrates to a minimum preferably fewer than 50 grams a day, completely doing away with grains. He adds that, “the fatter the patient, the more back in time you have to go for the diet.” This will help get your insulin levels back on track as well as help the body function more efficiently to burn fat.
    Poliquin allows for day 15 to be an “off” day. Why I am including this in my report is because I pretty much followed this dietary protocol per my ninja trainer’s advice; until I went off to work in California for a week & although I tried to stay on track I slipped here there, thinking, “Oh a little of this won’t hurt.”
     Well, Poliquin states that he gives clients the 15th day off to pretty much allow the client to eat whatever they want so they can “see & feel” the effects of what these foods REALLY do to the human body. He states that his clients typically report feeling horrible, puffy, swollen joints and their workouts on day 16 & 17 are always awful. This now explains why the Big Man held off on letting me view this material until I came back from Cali…lesson learned. When I came back from a week off, I weighed in 5 pounds heavier. I was completely swollen to where you could visibly see a finger mark dent pressed ½ deep into my leg. It took me a week to recover, I felt like hell!
Poliquin suggests that once you have had the joy of experiencing this anguish LOL. You continue your fat loss approach with a 4:1 system, which is 4 days of a strict Caveman Diet then the 5th day you are allowed 1 cheat meal having your protein first then your cheat foods.
       On the matter of exercise, I have yo yoed with my weight my entire life, going to the gym, not going to the gym. I spent countless hours on the dreaded treadmill; aerobic classes name it… always with little or no prevail in my weight loss efforts. I just got fatter as the years went by eventually giving up, thinking my body just didn’t work right I was destined to be fat. I figured I couldn’t beat it soooo hey, bring on the Pizza.
     What we know now with the help of the Biosignature concept is that is EXACTLY what is to be expected as a result of hours a week of “aerobic” activity. Yes, aerobics is popular with gyms because it burns calories from fat that we have stored & you do see some results BUT what has now been discovered is that POST-EXERCISE recovery is extremely crucial in the overall outcome of the training program. Aerobic activity has been proven to put stress on the human body which in turn brings up cortisol levels. Cortisol is a steroid hormone produced by the adrenal gland released in response to stress. An increase in cortisol levels can “bring on” unwanted body fat, especially in the belly region. Increased cortisol levels can also interfere with sleep patterns, suppresses thyroid function, blood sugar imbalances & muscle loss which all interfere with fat loss.
      It has been found for better fat loss results HIIT (High Intensity Intermittent Training) burns more body fat over time with less stress on the body afterward then aerobic activity showing that anaerobic training spares lean muscle mass keeping metabolism up.
      Last but not least I’m going to lightly go over supplements how can they can help with fat loss efforts & help prevent life threatening diseases. For years Eastern medicine has used herbs to treat certain ailments & conditions with success. They have known long before Western medicine that premature graying was an indication of osteoporosis in years to come so they used herbal remedies as a preventative measure.
       Western medicine has been known to treat the “symptoms” not to prevent disease. Using nutraceuticals, supplementation, botanicals typically are not the norm for modern day physicians & pharmaceutical companies yet according to an article by USA Today rising obesity rates in America will cost Americans $344 BILLION in medical related expenses by 2018! Yet, most “preventative” medical measures are still not covered by most insurance companies. Which means it is up to each one of us to be responsible for our health, our own preventative measures thru knowledge, supplementation and using the Biosignature Modulation to understand our bodies, what our fat stores mean and what’s going on hormonally.
       Case in point; Omega 3 deficient societies have the highest rate of alcohol & depression. Which to me explains why my trainer likes to beat up on my body, he’s allergic to Fish Oil, so I’m assuming he’s not so happy in the AM, probably lacking Omega 3, soooo he possibly finds some enjoyment taking out aggression by whooping people into shape. I don’t know, just a thought. LOL
      Omega 3 turns on the genes that burn fat, improves serotonin levels which decrease carb cravings. It also turns on carnitine enzymes which also burn fat & blocks sugar absorption. Omega’s improve insulin sensitivity & reduces inflammation in the body. Both inflammation & the insulin hormone have been linked to aging.
       L-Carnitine also another supplement that can be taken that plays a vital role in the metabolism of fat. It is a transporter of fatty acids into the mitochondria of the cell it also improves insulin sensitivity. The list goes on of different supplements, that can help assist with our goals. You have Fenugreek which is and herb that increases the number of insulin receptors and delays glucose absorption. Banaba Tree Extract, another herb which promotes glycogen synthesis directing glucose to” the right spots”.
     Biosignature Modulation is the latest understandable approach in fat loss supported by fact with countless proven examples of its success. I found this subject matter fascinating. I always thought of myself to be a professional “dieter” LOL. I have been dieting since I was 8, I’ve been a size 3 to a size 28, I have tried everything to lose weight at different points in my life right down to deadly measures using different forms of amphetamines, starving myself eating only lettuce… everything worked, for a minute, then BAM fat again & BIGGER each time. I created an endocrine problem within my body. I was medically diagnosed with hypothyroidism, at 25 and was told it was from abusing my endocrine system. A person’s “endocrine system” is a system of glands that release HORMONES into the bloodstream to regulate the body. I am eager to learn my ratios to my sites & see exactly what it is I need to do to try to create balance with in my body, the brain, mentally now…well… that’s a whole other story LOL.